roadcase stack

The Red Road Case

Read about road cases and how useful they are for storing and moving gear!

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Attendee Engagement

Attendee engagement is a key part of planning an event. Read about some ways your attendees can experience your message.

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Picking the Perfect Date For Your Event

Check out some insights on choosing a date for your event.

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Employee Spotlight – Cassie Chance

Check out our blog today as we put the spotlight on our team member Cassie Chance!

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What did they just say? Dictionary of AV Terms v1

If you have ever worked with a technology partner or audio/video engineers at your meeting or event you may have heard them say things that may as well have been in a different language. While you really don’t need to … Continued

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Venues: Through the Eyes of an Event Technology Provider

Have a look at our blog this week and see what our Account Executive Katie Bradshaw has to say about things to consider when you are choosing a venue for your next meeting or event.

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The Art of Truck Loading

Read our latest blog on one of our owners favorite topics!

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CLE Team

CLE Highlights of 2016

And here is our final blog of 2016 written by CLE President, Arren Wetzel. Check out some highlights of our year as we move into our 15th year in business.

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CLE MPI Event-24

Employee Spotlight – Chris Janson

Read today’s blog to learn more about our Account Executive Chris Janson. Today also happens to be his birthday! Happy Birthday Chris!

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7 Tips For Your Next Panel Discussion

Planning a panel discussion for your next meeting or conference? Take a look at these 7 things we think you should consider as you are planning.

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